A Caregiver's Guide to Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease

Forget Me Not


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“…Forget Me Not is an eye-opening and essential guide for caregivers that is functional, comforting, honest, and empowering.” – Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

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“I’m compelled to write this book because I live it every day. I went from self-isolation, guilt, and even a little resentment, to enjoying moments with my mom and valuing my time with her despite the challenges,” says Torri.

Torri L. Fisher, MS, MBA

— Author, Digital IT Professional, Real Estate Investor, Model/Actor, Daughter, Sister, Best Friend, Air-Fried Chicken Master, Goofball.

Forget Me Not: A Caregiver's Guide to Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease

It is undoubtedly noble to take on the hefty responsibility of being a caregiver, but it’s equally important to take care of yourself in the process. You can maintain your peace, positivity, and well-being during this time with access to the right tools. Inside Forget Me Not: A Caregiver’s Guide to Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, you will discover:
  • The honest, effective strategies to navigate the new and challenging reality of caring for a loved one with early-onset Alzheimer’s
  • How early-onset Alzheimer’s manifests in your loved one, the important expectations to have at every stage of the disease, and how to stay ten steps ahead of advancements
  • The information and strategies to assist you in communicating effectively with medical, legal, and financial professionals through the process
  • The essential practices to find your peace and maintain self-care during this difficult time
  • … and more!
Taking care of yourself during this time ensures you can best take care of your loved one while not losing yourself and experiencing burnout in the process. Available in the following formats (Pricing varies): eBook, Paperback, Hardback, Audio Book

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I stared across the room, numb and unspeaking, drifting away from all that surrounded me for an entire ten minutes. As hard as I tried not to, I felt the inevitable tears well up in my eyes. I wanted to feel, scream, or take a break, if only for a fleeting moment of freedom. Every fiber of my being is in utter and complete exhaustion. In each moment that passed, I experienced varying emotions, from crying to laughing back to crying. I was exhausted from trying to constantly stay one step ahead of the current situation but felt I was always losing the battle. Everything I had held close to my heart for my future; the large family gatherings over a home-cooked meal, the housewarming, bridal and baby showers, and so much more was gone. At least that’s how I felt before I discovered what I know now.

All the research you have conducted, the books and advice combined, is not enough to repaint forgotten memories and ease the sense of hopelessness. As you travel down this road, there comes a point when your energy crumbles, and you cannot go any further. Your mind becomes overwhelmed, your body gets tired, and you despair. It becomes challenging to determine the exact cause of your exhaustion, but worse than that, regaining hope and getting back on your feet seems almost unattainable.

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I never wanted to be a burden to my kids. I don’t want them to feel they HAVE to do everything for me. I can still do things for myself.


A caregiver assists and supports someone with daily activities such as grooming, housekeeping, and personal affairs management. But an Alzheimer’s caregiver offers so much more than that: Proper caregiving provides your LO with support and companionship that significantly helps manage the progression of the disease. We’ll discuss how to take care of your LO from the point they get diagnosed.

You may need a team for support during your caregiving journey, and the good news is Forget Me Not wants in on your team so you will never be alone. In this chapter, we will explore the many facets of caregiving. First, let’s talk about the first phase of your journey—the diagnosis.

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I love our doctor and my dedicated medical care team. I get a little anxious when we have to see a different doctor every time for every little thing.


The numerous things we can say about caregiving do not change; it is exhausting and can leave even the most enduring people overwhelmed and alone. You sign up for years of evolving responsibilities when starting your caregiving journey. The most resilient caregivers forge their way through the first few months or years, comforting themselves with the idea that their LO is still the same person—which is true, but in a different way. With time, they realize they gave too much of themselves to fulfilling their obligations as caregivers, and that is when negative feelings and thoughts surge through their veins and mind, threatening to leave them sad, alone, and disheartened.

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